What ‘simply’?


I realise that hearts don’t really move on that fast, do they.

Yeah, statement.
Because it was plain rhetoric.

And it’s tiring, thinking that I’ve moved on; thinking that I no longer have feelings for the person when in all reality, I’m really just suppressing the emotions.

I mean, seriously.

In a way, it kinda shows that I am in control of my feelings and in control of my emotions but — it doesn’t feel like I’m in control of my heart?

Y’all get me?

Because it’s so confusing; like, how can I be able to suppress so much emotions but at the same time, I am unable to change the way I feel.

But — am I just too stubborn to change my own feelings, when I can just simply convince myself to change, right?


But if it was that simple… Why couldn’t, why didn’t I?



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