The ‘L’ word.


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Love is… funny.

Love isn’t easy. Because we’ve yet to understand the difference between self-love—

and love love.

I’ve always believed in loving someone from afar, and not wanting them for myself because that way, love love; becomes self-love.

It’s like seeing a pure, white rose in the middle of a field. In all its glory, all its beauty. And you decide that no, you can’t pluck it. You can’t bring it back home with you to admire. Because then, it’s not the rose you’ll love; it’s yourself.

You’d be plucking the rose for your own benefits; because the rose gives you happiness.

Just like how she does.

You want her because…

She makes you happy.

She give you the sense of joy.

She takes away the pain you always had in your heart.

You needed her to do all that, because you claim that you love her.




But, that’s not true… You love, yourself. Why? Because at the end of the day,

it was you who was made happy.

it was you who felt joy.

it was you who had their pain taken away.




Love isn’t about receiving or taking ; love is about nothing of the sort.

Love is about, showing and expressing fondness and affection towards someone you hold dearly and closely, without expecting to be loved back.

Love is about infinitely giving, and giving, and giving.

But most of all, love is about understanding— that no matter how much you love someone; in the end, that someone might never be yours to hold on to forever

Because love is about letting other people admire the white rose, and maybe letting them bring it back home to take care of the rose themselves.


Love; is about hurting for the right people.




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